Our experience in finding “Solutions” for our customers led us into leveraging our understanding of energy and our volume lighting into design build opportunities. Our engineering staff has grown—we have dedicated staff offering creative designs that have become our calling card.

At R.S. Energy INC., Senergy Solutions and 4S Energy, Design/Build is a method of building in which both the design and construction are contracted and controlled from one source…..the Design/Builder.

This method allows for more organization because there is one point of accountability.

Because of our ability as a Design/Build contractor, we’ve been able to build a roster of all-stars. Our network of engineers, lighting designers and relationships with manufacturers allow us flexibility and creates environments to solve problems for our customers while eliminating levels of bureaucracy and saving our customers money.

This is how we build smart and provide the best value during builds.

We typically recommend Design/Build.

While we are well versed in other methods of construction delivery, we are strong supporters of the Design/Build approach. It is easier to manage a project and money because the project is more structured. In fact, the method is proving to be one of the most effective ways in the entire industry to build.

Design/Build construction saves time by putting both the designers and the builders under one roof, obstacles that often delay a project are avoided. While Design/Build can’t control certain conditions like weather, eliminating all other opportunities for delay is crucial to a timely delivery. Additionally, it saves money – layers of cost are removed from projects and external mark ups from various middlemen can be reduced or eliminated by this approach.

Finally the owner can focus more narrowly on the planning and build out by dealing with fewer entities. This method goes a long way to provide the owners what they actually want at the cost and budget they are strapped with. This allows R.S. Energy Inc., Senergy Solutions and 4S Engineering, to shine and keep our customers coming back!